The Story


Stubborn Rhino is built on strong foundations with an uncompromising approach. These foundations determine our success


We generate an environment that oozes energy and productivity. Serving caffeine fuelled drinks with an electric aura. Energy underpins everything we stand for.



Making connections that last a lifetime. Bringing communities tighter together. People, communities, countries. Connect with the world around you.



With happiness follows success, or is happiness success? Do something you love doing and keep doing it. We pour coffee and put smiles on peoples faces whilst doing it. What makes you happy?


We started Stubborn Rhino to create an epic coffee shop on the go. We now have the ability to bring the very best coffee outside of the regular setting to wherever it may take us. Coffee is more than just a drink to us, it is a passion and something we love.  We take great pride in delivering premium coffee in a different way. Stubborn rhino does not only serve the purpose of a brew but also packs huge energy and atmosphere with it.  Coffee is part of everyday life so why not make it more enjoyable? We aim to create a personal experience for every customer serving people of all ages.. and even dogs!  We cater for sporting events, birthdays, weddings and other private events.  Fierce but friendly! Don’t know what you’re waiting for, come and cross the rhinos path.


Meet the team

Todd Gleave

Founder of Stubborn Rhino & kick ass barista.A big viking style beard and uncompromising desire for the ultimate flat white.


Dominque Staniforth

Design experimenter & a super sharp eye for good quality oat milk.



Expert snack tasting extraordinaire with a sassy attitude.


Many More

Providing smiles, energy and awesome coffee. Helping you to GET CHARGED... ANYWHERE.